“It is a pleasure to recommend Jennifer Roland as a professional pet sitter. She is enthusiastic, compassionate and dutiful to assure that the needs of all pets charged to her care are met on schedule.”

Ralph Henderson DVM MS

Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons and

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Clinical Oncology

Consulting Surgeon, Bayside Hospital for Animals

“Jennifer has provided exceptional care for my dearly loved dogs and cat.  She exemplifies professionalism in the top notch manner that she runs her business yet she shows unending love and affection for those in her care.  She develops a bond and relationship with each animal that is clearly evident.  I have complete confidence that my babies will be loved and perfectly cared for no matter if I am away for a day or a month.  I recommend All Pets Sitting to all that cherish their pets and demand the best for them.”

Shirley D. – Fort Walton Beach

“We could write a book on the outstanding service Jennifer Roland has provided to our family.  She has cared for our pets and our home in our absence for over 10 years.  In that time, she has always provided exceptional service, going above and beyond, doing what is necessary.  When we were in Alaska on vacation and Hurricane Ivan hit, she took our cats to her house to be sure they were safe.  For years, when we traveled, she cared for our diabetic kitty and then cried with us when we lost him.  Words escape me to explain just how important she is to our family – she is the best!”

Robert and Janet Napier – Mary Esther

“All Pets Sitting Service has been a part of my families’ life for the past 6 years. We began using Jennifer and her services when we got our second Boxer, Maverick in 2002. From that time she has been regularly caring for both of our Boxers, Bruno (now 11 ½ yrs. old) and Maverick (6 yrs. old) three days every week. It is very comforting to know that while we are at work all day they do not have to be cooped up in the house the whole time. They are able to get outside and play, relax and have some ‘visitation’ time! We would love for them to learn to use the doggie door but until then, we will continue to use All Pets Sitting Services! ”

Rebecca and Kevin J. – Mary Esther

“Professional;  caring:  TOTAL TRUST;  confidence; full service that exceeds your expectations. That’s All Pets. We have had the total pleasure of partnering with Ms Jennifer for some 6-7 years now, and like good wine, it just gets better and better. Several dogs, several cats, inside and out, and lots of house to take care of.  We are EXTREMELY picky about who we let into our homes, and who we trust with our family members. All Pets has earned 100% confidence and we can not imagine anyone else caring for our family.  The total trust, confidence and reliability that lets you actually enjoy your time away, and also know that when you return, everyone will be happy to see you, wagging tails and big smiles and your home will be as if you had never left it…..”

Steve and Renee L. – Fort Walton Beach

“Jennifer has been caring for my pets for over 5 years and knows them as well as I do.  She made a critical diagnosis of acute diabetes on one of my cats while I was away and quickly got him the care he needed.  I travel often and am only able to do so because I know Jennifer will be there for my babies.  Thanks Jennifer!”

Cheri P. – Fort Walton Beach

“During the eleven years I’ve used the wonderful All Pets Sitting Service, I have always been more than pleased and happy. I know my kitty family is in very good hands, and I can leave them with complete confidence that they will be professionally and lovingly cared for. My admiration for Ms. Roland’s knowledge, caring concern, and above-and-beyond kindness is unlimited.”

Tuny J. – Shalimar

“It takes a special person to do what Jennifer does for our beloved pets. It’s very difficult to find anyone who really understands the animals and is professional & reliable. Jennifer is that and more. She seems to take a personal interest in our two (aging) cocker spaniels and we feel very confident leaving them in her care. So far, we have only made only a few short trips (two days at the most). However her attention to detail and record keeping of our dogs habits, likes & dislikes, as well as their medical issues is very comforting. She is very accommodating and…. the dogs loved her at first sight (one of our dogs normally does not warm up very quickly).  We live out of state and only visit the Ft Walton area 3 or 4 times a year. Wish we had a “Jennifer” where we live!  I would not hesitate to recommend her services.” 

Pat Okenica – Georgia

“I use to take my cats to a boarding kennel, when we picked them up they were always so stressed out, it would take weeks for them to get back to normal.  The last time I used a kennel all 5 of my babies came home with kennel cough.  My Vet, Roger Reed, recommended Jennifer and All Pets.   Jennifer has been taking care of my babies now for 3 years, the kids are healthy, happy and non-stressed when we come home (it almost seems like they don’t miss us) and that make me very happy.  I highly recommend Jennifer and All Pets Sitting Service.”

Pattie B. – Fort Walton Beach

“Jennifer and All Pets Sitting Service has done a wonderful job of taking care of my dogs!  She has always been professional and dependable, and given her past experience as a vet tech, I felt very comfortable leaving my “babies” in her care.  I especially like the comments she left after her visits.  I would confidently recommend All Pets to all pet owners!”

Micki G. – Shalimar

“We travel with peace of mind knowing that Jennifer is caring for our 4 indoor and 4 outdoor cats.  It’s great that our “kids” don’t have to have their routines interrupted just because we have to be gone from them.  In addition to caring for the animals, she also keeps an eye out for things around the house, which is a huge help to us.  For years we traded kitty care with our neighbors, but when they moved away, we had to find a new kitty sitter.  Jennifer came very highly recommended.  I’m sure if they could, our kitties would tell all their friends about Jennifer!”

Jennifer G. – Cinco Bayou

“I used All Pets Sitting Service for several years while I was in Florida.  Jennifer Roland should be cloned because she’s simply the greatest.  She understands and loves animals and she has a veterinary background which helps so much if your pet must have special meds or injections.  Not one minute did I ever worry about my cats when Jennifer was on the job.  I mean it….She’s the BEST.”

Elaine S. – Henderson, Nevada