All Pets Sitting Service provides professional pet care in your home.  This enables your pets to stay in the comfort and safety of their familiar surroundings, whether you are out of town or putting in long hours at work.

In addition to providing pet care in private homes, All Pets Sitting Service caters to the unique and specific needs of the elderly.  We can assist with daily and/or weekly pet care needs of senior residents in “pet friendly” assisted living facilities.

Each scheduled visit includes:

  •  Quality “play time” and/or exercise for your pet(s)
  •   Feeding and daily water changes
  •   Daily litter box cleaning
  •   Medications administered as required
  •   Plants Watered
  •   Home security, mail & newspaper picked up, lights and blinds rotated…and more!

While we understand you may consider asking a local friend, neighbor or relative to share responsibilities with us in your absence, we ask that you refrain from doing so.  When you hire All Pets Sitting Service, we assume all responsibility for both your pets and your personal property.  By allowing others to have un-monitored access to your pets and property, All Pets Sitting Service cannot assume responsibility or be held liable for their actions involving your pets and property.  To do so would jeopardize our liability insurance.  We take our responsibilities seriously and appreciate your understanding.